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UniFI Network Solutions

The Ubiquiti UniFI Product line offers an affordable home / business network solution. at RBrowring Productions we can plan, install and maintain any network no matter how big or small.

The Product range also extends to IP-CCTV products. Which can sit within you existing IT system. the products ranges from basic 1080P cameras to 4K cameras. If running cables is not an option for you then we are able to provide wireless camera's while still maintaining high reliability and quality to ensure your premises is secure.

Wireless networks can be complicated we plan in advanced, with site visits conducted before a single cable is ran. We will work closely with you to ensure that high demand areas have the most suitable hardware and ensure you have full coverage inside and outside.

Have an issue after your issue? Our team can have complete access to your system if you require and we can make any changes or troubleshoot any potential issues remotely* free of charge.

Use in Theatres & Live Events

Lighting, Video and Sound these days are heavy relient on the use of networks these days. common practice is to use separate cat5 or cat 6 for each system. We here at RBrowring Productions would always highly recommend using one system for all network traffic due to saving time, money and also troubleshooting. We will design and program your new network setup and ship it to you all within a flight case! Because of the long distances involved getting signal to stage to front of house we use 4 core fibre as standard, with it being 4 core you have a redundant line! we can also make it a 10Gbps connection. In order to seperate each system we employ the use of VLANS to digitally separate the traffic meaning it would be like using 4 different lines but just down 1 line.

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* If we are not able to establish a remote connection this will not be possible and an on site visit maybe required. This will be determined on point of contact.